Powwow Quilt

DSC_0167 (2)

The Powwow quilt is a modern classic. The pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew is so versatile and playful.

This particular variation has been created using Grand Canal by Kate Spain for Moda. It’s a size between the baby and throw sizes listed in the pattern, allowing all 42 pieces of a layer cake to be used. This pattern usually uses a small collection of 30cm pieces.


The quilting has little dragonflies, and the backing is from Anna-Maria Horner’s loominous collection. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it has a delightful sparkle to it, that just completes the playful nature of this quilt.

This quilt comes together surprisingly quickly, especially if you chain piece. We hope to have a class for this quilt up and running in August, along with our Lucky quilt class (another Cluck Cluck Sew pattern!). We can’t wait to see your personal touches added to these patterns!

DSC_0604 (2)



– Nic

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