A Lot to Report

I’m one of those people who frequently answers the question “How are you?” with “Busy!”. At the moment, though, I think it’s especially true for our little shop! There’s plenty happening that we can update you on.

Sewing for Highschoolers

We had our first sewing class for high schoolers last week. Thanks to the girls for being such good sports! If you think you know someone who might be keen, there’s still places left in our class this Tuesday. We’ll be making a tote bag. More details in the previous blog post.

Thread Adventures

DSC_0009 (2)

We’ve started stocking Gutermann thread again! We have the 100% cotton in 250m or 800m spools. We’re still in the process of fully kitting up, so we apologise for any delay in re-filling your favourite colour – feel free to let us know which ones you use most so we can include it in our next order.

A New Night Class


We’re starting night classes. It’s BYO project, and we’ll provide tea and coffee, and a group of like-minded crafters to share with. Perfect for people who work full time, and the shop is open to those who attend (i.e. if you run out of something while you’re hanging out with us, it’s right there in the shop for you to purchase and keep going – how good is that!). We start Tuesday, 6.30pm, cost is $15. Hope to see you there!

Quilts for Sale

We LOVE making quilts. I know – it’s probably not a surprise. What it means, though, is that our families are sick of receiving quilts as gifts, and so we have quilts to sell! We’ve added an extra page to this website, where we will list the quilts we have available in the shop. How about you go have a little browse! If you’d like to purchase one, drop in to the shop, give us a call, or use the “Contact” page and let us know. Or if there’s one you want someone to purchase for you, now you have a way of showing them without dragging them into the shop 😉


As always, there’s plenty more in the works, but you’re probably already suffering from information overload, so we’ll leave it there for now!

See you soon!
– Nic

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