Patchworker Profile: Pat Johnson

We talk a lot about what we’ve been making and creating, but we thought it would be fun to have a look at what YOU – our loyal customers – are creating! So we’re introducing the patchworker profile, where we have a little peak at what one of our crafters is up to.

So this week we’re introducing you to Pat Johnson. Pat is a regular attendee of our Thursday class, and she is a prolific creator – always trying her hand at new techniques!

DSC_0245 (2)

Check out some pictures of her creations below, and trust when we say that these are just a very small sample of what we could have photographed!

Pat tells us that she grew up with sewing all around her, and that her mum always made lovely creations for her family, but that Pat only decided that patchwork was for her in the last five years.

Her favourite creation to date is the Celtic quilt pictured below.

Pat has been awarded multiple first and second place certificates in the last few years at the Parkes Annual Show, and did very well again this year.

Another epic effort of Pat’s was the creation of her Splendid Sampler, which she entered into the Sydney Quilt Show. Pat did the maths on all the tiny peices in this quilt, and reports that there’s over 3000 pieces. This quilt is seriously beautiful.

DSC_0468 (2)

Thank you to Pat for letting us share some of quilts. They’re just so beautiful.

Well done to all the ladies and gents who entered in the Parkes Annual Show 🙂

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