12 Quilty Gifts of Christmas

It’s been a manic season for all of us, and this poor website has been somewhat neglected because someone *coughcough-me-cough* overcommitted on the handmade seasonal gifts front. BUT! To make up for it, we’re bringing you a special article on 12 quilty gifts that are available in our shop for LESS THAN $30 for your favourite sewist. Or maybe you need to drop this list in the lap of your loved one, as a hint 😉

12 Quilty Gifts of Christmas.png

1. Fabric

Admit it – it’s the heart of our craft! If you’re not confident picking from the bolts off the shelf, each Charm Pack has a gorgeous collection of matching fabrics already picked for you! We have a variety of themes, including farms, pets, florals, right through to Christmas – your bound to find something to suit.

DSC_0498 (2)

2. A Matchbox Quilt

It’s the perfect self-contained project! These matchbox quilts come with the fabric, wadding, quilting thread, and all the instructions you need to make a gorgeous itty-bitty mini-quilt! With 9 delightful styles to choose from, it’s bound to be a winner.

DSC_0475 (2)

3. EPP Ingredients

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but English Paper Piecing (EPP) is making a come-back. It’s such a portable craft: take it to the sidelines at your kid’s cricket game, or stitch away while the family watch the telly. Use the finished product as an applique on a bag, or make a whole quilt of one inch hexies! Choose your own adventure. We have templates, basting glue sticks, needles, and thread to get you going for a combined total of less than $30. Use your own fabric scraps to create a masterpiece, or maybe add quilty gift #1 to round out the package.

DSC_0496 (3)

4. By Annie Bag Patterns

We LOVE By Annie patterns. They’re excellent. You just have to look at out previous blog posts or visit the shop to see the pattern samples we’ve made that customers frequently threaten to take home. Giving a pattern is giving the gift of a crafting journey – you’re giving the recipient permission to go on the adventure of making something special and personalised for themselves or someone they love. We’re definitely advocates of patterns as gifts, so come and grab either of the ones pictured below, or check out the other handy designs we have in store.

DSC_0552 (2)

5. A mini quilt pattern with template

See quilty gift #4 as to why we rate patterns as gifts, but mini quilts are special! They’re a fast finish, and make cute wall hangings or table centres, and this one comes with the magic template to make life even easier! Love it!

DSC_0547 (2)

6. Moda Metal Tins

I love feeling organised… not to be mistaken with actually BEING organised. Just the same, these are the cutest little tins that are perfect for sorting all your notions, or any other part of your life that needs a bit more order. Tidying is so much more exciting when you’re using pretty containers, and you can buy a set for less than $30. Maybe you should pair them with quilty gift #3 to manage your new EPP project.

DSC_0492 (3)

7. Small rotary cutter

Most people have a 45mm rotary cutter, or a 60mm cutter – perfect for slicing and dicing fabric for major patchwork. But what about the 28mm? It’s perfect for curves, applique, or cutting around small templates. It’s the cutter that you didn’t know you needed until you have it, and then you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it!

DSC_0533 (3)

8. Sashers

If you’ve been to any of our classes in the last 6 months, you probably already know that these are our new favourite thing. These sets come in a range of sizes starting as small as 1/8″ through to 1 1/4″ (and beyond, if you buy the full set). They are a nifty way of folding your binding strips – no more burnt fingers, and they can be used for regular binding or bias binding – making them perfect for both quilters and dressmakers.

DSC_0543 (2)

9. Thread Cutter Necklace

Perfect for the jet-setter who just wants to do a bit of needlework on the flight! No more issues with getting scissors through security – the notches on this beautiful necklace are little thread cutters. Fashionable AND functional! That’s our style!

IMAG4219 (2)

10. Quick Curve Ruler

Fact: most quilters find curves intimidating. Enter the Quick Curve Ruler from the team at Sew Kind of Wonderful: they’re here to take the fear out of curved piecing! With patterns available in store which are designed to maximise your confidence using the ruler, this is a great way for patchworkers to get a little out of their comfort zones, but not too far 😉

DSC_0554 (2)

11. New Scissors

Yup, we know, this is NOT the most romantic gift in the catalogue, but there’s something to be said for that “new blade” feeling. New scissors (and new blades for our rotary cutters, for that matter) are often something we put off spending money on, because we’d rather buy pretty things – like fabric (duh!). But that first slice with a super sharp blade is just divine, and makes us wonder why we put off the purchase for so long. A good pair of scissors is worth the investment.

DSC_0537 (2)

12. A gift voucher!

Last but not least, give the gift they can choose for themselves! We have gift vouchers in a range of values to suit your budget, and you can be sure they’ll find something to suit their personal quilty style!

DSC_0504 (2)

So there you have it…

A list of quilty gifts, available from our shop, that are less than $30 (accurate at the time of publishing this post). Of course, there’s plenty more in store to choose from that suit every budget, so swing on by and let us help you cross a few things off your Christmas shopping list.

On behalf of our little team here at Marcelle’s Patchwork Cottage, we just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year, and to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Years. We hope you manage to steal some time in the midst of the seasonal madness to squeeze in some stitching, and if you need to escape for a bit, we’ll be keeping you posted on our holiday hours on the Facebook page.
If we don’t see you before, we look forward to spending time with you again in 2018!

Best wishes

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