January Mayhem

Hello our lovely readers! Can you believe January is nearly over!? The year is already getting away from us, and we feel like we’ve barely started!

So we have a few updates to share with you about the happenings in the shop!

First Class of the Year:

We had a Cake Mix class to kick off the year! It was a super creative and fun way to set the tone for classes for 2018. In the lead up, so many people asked what a finished cake mix quilt looks like, and it’s so hard to explain because there’s so many possibilities! Cake Mix Recipes are designed to help you accurately piece squares and triangles, and then gives suggestions on how to arrange them into blocks.

The ladies had a great day, and got the creative juices flowing, some using repeating blocks, and others using a mix of designs to make sampler quilts. They were ALL gorgeous.

Upcoming Classes:

Our next class is our rope bag class on Feb 10, but if you are looking for a slightly different make, then check out Marcelle’s rope rug!

Gorgeous! If you’d like to see it in the flesh, it’s in the shop. And it was just as easy to whip up! So choose your own adventure!


Our next UFO day is Feb 24. The flyers for both of these classes are on the Upcoming Classes page, along with dates for other future classes. Check them out!

Don’t forget, as well, that we always have our regular classes. Tuesday nights, Thursdays, and Fridays. We’d love to see you there!

New fabric:

We’ve had some VERY exciting bundles of pretty turn up on our doorstep this week! Below is Bohemia, by Dena Designs for Free Spirit. SO gorgeous!

We’ve also had some new dress-making fabric land on our doorstep! Double-gauze, rayon, jersey knit and more! Stop by and check them out!

And that’s it for now! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram feed for regular updates, and hopefully it won’t be too long til we’re back here again with more blogs!

Til next time!

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