What’s a Sit-n-Sew?

Hi everyone! We thought January was crazy busy – and yet here we are in March, with February having been completed neglected on this page! Crazy!

We just thought we’d take this opportunity to talk to you a bit more about our sit-n-sew classes, and how (and why) you should get involved!

What does Sit-n-Sew mean?

It’s a phrase in the quilting community that refers to the type of class where there’s no set project. They tend to be a regular class, where a regular group of people meet to sew together. You have access to a teacher for assistance, and in our case, you have access to a patchwork shop – no getting stuck half-way because you’re missing something!

Why should I come to a Sit-n-Sew class?

Sit-n-sew classes are fantastic for building friendships, peer learning and inspiration, and protecting your sewing time.

Because the group meets regularly, and the members tend to be consistent, you really get to know your fellow sewists. It’s a very social affair, and occasionally we do more chatting than sewing… only occasionally though!


In a sit-n-sew, we all bring different skills to the table. Some might be extraordinary foundation paper piecers, while others excel in needle-turn applique, or colour play. These classes are a caring community, and a great way to learn from each other – to be inspired to push your creative boundaries and learn new skills. Below are just a few pictures from our Thursday ladies – the inspiration is abundant!

And let’s face it. We all have seasons in our lives where we have trouble making time for our craft. But often sewing can be therapeutic, so it’s worth protecting some time each week to do it. Committing to a sit-n-sew group is the perfect way to do this.

Image from u-create crafts

What’s the difference between a Sit-n-Sew and a UFO day?

At Marcelle’s Patchwork Cottage, we occasionally run UFO (UnFinished Objects) days. Essentially, we use them in the same way as a sit-n-sew, except that the sit-n-sew classes run every week on a weekday, where as the UFO days run intermintently on a Saturday (approximately once every 2-3 months). Other shops might do this differently, but that’s just how we’ve chosen to run.


UFO days don’t have the same sense of community as a sit-n-sew, because they aren’t as regular and the people who attend aren’t as consistent. However, UFO days still have a spirit of comraderie and encouragement – as everyone spurs each other on to finish their projects. Sit-n-Sews and UFO days are both worth checking out, for their own reasons.

What do I bring?

You can bring your own project from home, start a new one with us when you get there, or even ask to catch up on a weekend class that you missed. As for equipment and food – we’ve added a handy “What to bring to class” page to our website, just for this purpose! Go check it out!

When are the Sit-n-Sew classes on and what do they cost?

We currently run three sit-n-sew classes a week.

Tuesday nights with Nic – 6.30pm-9pm

Thursdays or Fridays with Marcelle – 11am-4pm

The cost is $15 for a single class, however, Nic’s night class also has term fees (i.e. get a discount for paying for the term upfront!).


We hope we’ve shed some light on the value of these classes! If you’re near Parkes, we sure hope to see you in one of our classes soon.


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