Our Cushion Swap

On 7th July 2018, we hosted our inaugural Craft Swap. This year we chose to do cushions, and we had a fantastic response in sign-ups. The cushion is the perfect small project – it’s small and quick to make, a functional finished product, and the perfect size to try something a little out of your comfort zone – without taking on too much.

We started by placing all our swap-presents under the tree.

IMG_20180707_115818 (1)

The ladies excelled themselves with their swap-gifts! The pictures below show the variety of styles and patterns – and everyone did such a great job of personalising their gift to their recipient.

We rounded out the afternoon with a super tasty pot-luck lunch!


From Nic and Marcelle, we’d like to say thank you to all the ladies who participated. We know it was a bit of a strange concept to begin with, but you all rose to the occasion, and were so brave with trying out different skills. You did an amazing job, and it was SUCH a fun day!

IMG_4948 (2)

If you missed out this year, we plan to do it all again next year, with a different project (maybe a mug rug, or a pin cushion… watch this space!). Ask any of the girls who joined in, the whole event was an enjoyable adventure, and so worthwhile!


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