What to Bring to Class?

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to join us for a class. Please read the information below to make sure you come to your class fully prepared.

Sewing Machine:

  • Please bring your own sewing machine to class.
    • It’s good if you know how the basics of how to use your machine. If you need help, please talk to us beforehand so we can be sure you’re ready to go on the day.
    • Make sure you have a sharp needle, and plenty of bobbins. This is especially important if you own a machine other than a Bernina; our shop is a Bernina dealership, so the accessories we have available to purchase are Bernina specific.
  • There are a few spare sewing machines available in the shop to loan, but this must be requested prior to attending the class as they are on a first in – best dressed basis.


  • Please bring thread, scissors, pins, and your own rotary cutter and ruler.
    • If you’re short on any notions, we are happy to help kit you out from the shop.
    • For some classes, it easier to thread-match to your fabric on the day. We have a range of Gutterman and Rasant threads to choose from.

For Sit-n-Sew Classes or UFO days:

  • Please bring your own project, or else we are happy to help you choose a new one from the patterns and fabrics available in the shop.
  • The idea of these classes is that you have access to our sewing experience and knowledge of the products available in order to help you finish your project. Additionally, you get the benefit of like-minded sewists to keep you company as you sew!

For Set Quilt Classes:

  • The aim of the day is to make the quilt top only.
    • You can finish the quilt yourself, or attend one of our weekly classes for assistance, or we can finish it for you using the long-arm at the shop.
    • If you’d like to know more about finishing the quilt, chat to us! We’d love to help.
  • The fabric for the quilt top is included in the cost
    • This will usually be a pre-cut (e.g. jelly roll or layer cake) and a background fabric (solid). You are allowed to request a non-solid as a background, but the difference in cost will be at your own expense.
    • We’re sorry to inform you that you cannot reduce the class cost by bringing fabric from home.


  • For “set quilt” and UFO classes, your morning and afternoon tea are included in the class fee, however, please bring your own lunch.
  • Food is not usually included in sit’n’sew class fees.
  • A fridge, kettle, and microwave are available for your use in storing/preparing your lunch.

Individual Class Flyer:

  • Please take the time to read the individual class flyer: this will clarify who is teaching, what time class is, the cost, difficulty level, and any other additional requirements specific to your class.
  • The individual class flyers will be uploaded to our “Upcoming Classes” page as they become available.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.